pain relief

There are many studies that show that Floatation is beneficial for sufferers of painful conditions such as Fibromyalgia, CFS , Distonia & ME, as well as migraine sufferers, joint aches and Arthritis, amongst a host of other conditions which can all be treated.

free your mind

The mind goes into sleep mode when the pod is dark and soundproofed and the water is heated to body temperature. This helps people that suffer from stress, anxiety or depression. It could help people with PTSD or Autistic.


Vigorous work out results in a build up of lactic acid. Epsom salts breaks down lactic acid immediately , so helps reduce recovery time, which helps to build stronger muscles and lessens the chance of muscle damage due to over training.


During Flotation Therapy, the floating eliminates back pain , relaxing the muscles in the body, the surroundings help you de-stress and as you de-stress and achieve a state of calmness so does your baby, this is known as the mirror effect. It’s Time To Float.

One of our Floatation Therapy sensory deprivation pod. Below are just a few examples of conditions, which scientific research has shown to be improved through the use of floatation tank sessions:

Fibromyalgia, Chronic Lower Back Pain,  Pregnancy, Chronic Headaches and Migraines, Rheumatoid Arthritis , Stress-related disorders such as Anxiety and PTSD, Depression, Pre-Menstrual Syndrome and Hypertension 

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Floatation therapy provides a weightless, soundproof and lightless solution to a busy or hectic schedule. Our sensory deprivation tanks are heated to a comfortable temperature and saturated with Epsom Salts, providing buoyancy so you float with ease. Rich in Epsom Salts, one hour in the float pod will help boost blood circulation; relieve body pain and lower stress levels whilst leaving your skin feeling silky smooth.

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

“Physically I felt good, as the nagging pain in my neck had gone and my muscles were relaxed. Mentally, I came out with a clear head and a sense of focus. I was impressed with how much the team knew about floating and the many benefits beyond the likes of sports injuries”

Robin, Business Owner, Birmingham

“A relaxed, friendly atmosphere awaited me and the float itself was lovely. I left feeling quite invigorated yet relaxed and slept really well that night and the following nights (after months of sleeping issues).
Would recommend”

Emma, Chronic Fatigue sufferer, Stafford

“I have noticed some immediate improvements mentally in terms of assisting with clarity of thought in many different scenarios such as; reduction in anxiety, calmness of manner and clear thinking and a reduction in stress related issues in and outside of business”

Keith, Company Director, Stafford

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People You Know That Have Floated

Manchester United and England international striker Wayne Rooney is a keen user. He describes how he uses it and what benefits Floatation brings him.

cropped Image 1
Wayne Rooney

The new ‘Miss MoneyPenny’ in the latest James Bond movie, ‘Skyfall’ and star of other films including ’28 days later’, waxes lyrical about floating in her local Floatation centre.

cropped Image 2 scaled 1
Naomi Harris

Rachel Hunter is a successful supermodel and fan of float therapy and meditation. When describing her experience in the float tank, she shared that “ I felt calm and peaceful…….

cropped rachel1
Rachel Hunter

UK, European and Commonwealth champion Triple Jumper Phillips Idowu was  interviewed by Colin Jackson, and he reveals how floatation is part of his routine.

cropped image4
Phillips Idowu

Joe Rogan once said in an interview with Men’sHealth that he used Floatation Therapy to help with his muscles and post-workout recovery.

Joe rogan
Joe Rogan

John Lennon used Floatation therapy to help overcome his heroin addiction which goes to show just how powerful having float sessions really are.

cropped john lennon.jpg 2
John Lennon
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