Sensory Deprivation Tank

Everything you need to know about Floatation Therapy and how getting into our Sensory Deprivation Tank can improve your life – It’s where the magic happens!

Where’s the magic?

It’s all in the Epsom Salts!

Floatation Therapy is not just about sitting in a Sensory Deprivation Tank. Sensory deprivation is all about the reduction of the three main senses: Sight, hearing and touch. By doing this your brain will have nothing to do, so it will go to work on repairing any issues within the body. We feel ‘Sensory Enhancement’ would be a more accurate term!

Now there isn’t any black magic involved and no, we don’t chant spells for a miracle to happen. Everything happens based on how our anatomy reacts to the Epsom Salts

For years we have studied what truly makes the body relax, from the frontal lobe in the brain to the prefrontal cortex and now we can finally give a solution to help the many.

How do i float effortlessly

It’s all in the Epsom Salts!

When the Epsom Salts are mixed with water they create a super saturated solution within the  Sensory Deprivation Tank which is twice and dense as the famed Dead Sea, which allows the user to float  effortlessly which takes all the tension from all the joints and bones.

What do they combat?

Epsom Salts help to tackle muscle cramping and lactic acid build up, whilst also topping up the bodies depleted Magnesium reserves. People who meditate will find they are able to do so much easier, and therefore will reach a much deeper level.

What are they made up of?

Epsom Salts are made up of magnesium sulphate which when in contact with the body boost magnesium levels and sulphate. With Magnesium being the second biggest element in the body it makes quite a big impact on us. So When you are  floating effortlessly in our Sensory Deprivation Tank, your body is flushing out all the nasty enzymes like Cortisol that are hiding within the body, whilst replacing them with stress busting endorphins. It’s a win win!

Are they harmful?

No! Epsom Salts are in no way harmful to the body whilst experiencing  Floatation Therapy . We understand that Floatation Therapy in some eyes is a grey area however we encourage you to try it for yourself and reap the benefits after.

The Process

Shh we made it really easy. . .

Step 1. Shower

We understand that trying something new can be daunting that’s why we created this easy process for your total relaxation.

The first step is to have a shower – no you don’t smell! This is so everything sitting on top of the skin and in your pores can be washed off before entering the pod, whilst also relaxing the mind before your float.

Step 2. Float

Second step is just as easy as the first! You will be given a set of ear plugs, we use these to stop any irritation and water entering the ear and to block out any noises you may hear whilst in the pod. Lift the pod lid, enter and then close behind you, to retain that lovely warmth.

Step 3. Relax

 Once you have entered the pod, there will be a button on your left for the light, so don’t worry you will be able to see when you enter! You have the option to turn it off or on, we advise to turn it off to have a better experience. Once you are floating and comfy all you have to do is close your eyes and relax. . . 

Oh So Simple